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How I Passed the CISSP Cyber Security Exam in Two Weeks

What is the strategy I used to pass the CISSP so quickly?

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First of all, there is no doubt that the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is the most desired certifications for organizations. As a result, companies are generally willing to compensate generously for people who pass their CISSP certification exam.

Unfortunately, the CISSP certification exam is quite challenging for most people because it requires vast knowledge of Cyber Security. Consequently, most domains are areas that people have never had exposure with or experienced. Trust me though, your shiny new CISSP certification you will have recruiters constantly hitting you up for job interviews. Therefore you can only benefit from getting CISSP certified.

In this video I walk you through the tips and tricks I used to pass the CISSP certification exam. I also want you to keep in mind that everybody’s experience with the exam and preparation is different. The journey might take you longer, but it will be worth it in the end. Finally, make sure to check out the below resources to help you in your studies.

Official CBK:
Official Study Guide:
Eleventh Hour CISSP:

My CISSP Course:
CBT Nuggets -
Cybrary -

Practice Tests:
Official Practice Test App -
Boson Practice Test -

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Jon Good : Make sure you get these resources to prepare:
My CISSP Course:
Official CBK:
Official Study Guide:
Eleventh Hour CISSP:
Osama Kaiser : Just an honest question, what IT certification path would you recommend to any IT professional from low to high (low being "for starters" and high being "ultimate goal" or "most important")?
Seda Sezgin : Hi, i am new graduated in math, and i ve no any experience. Can i take this certificate if i study by myself with these resources? Do you think that i should have an experience in IT department during this learning process?
amnest1ac : Right. Could you please present some evidence to back your 2-week journey to passing the test. I would be most impressed. At present, I find it rather unlikely that this could be achieved in under two weeks; and I have done the work, and passed the exam with pre-existing knowledge and experience at hand.

I would also advise against utilizing additional material that is not from the ISC2. Anyone willing to pass the certification should focus on the official study guide only. Other material may conflict with the official study guide, and it may cloud your perspective when sitting the exam.
mubashir wazir : Good afternoon sir
Sir exam is objective type or online ?written test ?please advise me
Kinfe Guesh : Is it necessary to go through these paid materials or trainings to fully prepare for the CISSP exam?
Kuchal Das : Please share the path or source to download cissp mp3 materials
Edward Jaycocks : From my personal experience I’ve done the CCNA Security and obviously CCNA....Bachelors degree in computer science Masters degree in cyber......I think academic and vendor certificating is good even both is even better but to be really honest just from my personal experience unless you’re going to be an engineer purely then the Masters degree and some parts of computer science is better then the be really honest CISSP.....Doesn’t really teach you managerial stuff at all it just gives you a more high-level knowledge of the domains and that’s it. But like you said if you’re into a vendor security cert they all follow similar path’s with a few caveats like pen testing which is different.....Going to college university where I come from it’s still a better option than just CISSP. Having said that industries tend to think that the CISSP.....Is the best thing you can get for information assurance technically speaking that’s generally not true not from my real world experience. I know many people with it who come from different industries who can speak more of a lawyer speak they tend to do better than people who are very technical but they are good at a high level but at a much lower level commandline level coding level they have no clue.

People with more technical skills plus what you’ve been describing understand much much better....I will tell people right now get your bachelors degree in computer science not so much a Masters in cyber it’s not mature enough at the moment were the CISSP Is a little more mature, but not very technical and will not teach you management skills. And sorry to carry on I’ve been doing cyber for the last 20 years red teaming and blue teaming.

In terms of job opportunities CISSP May get you a little bit further in the private sector definitely not in the public sector especially federal you’re still going to require a full on bachelors degree in most part and I’m not talking about criminal justice nonsense talking about computer science....So the way I would do it get your bachelors degree and the vendor certification that will drive you further into your career and give you the most bang for your buck.
M Khan : Good
chrome cast : How much a CISSP guy should expect? Please tell me rough figures it's fine... Is it should be 80k-90k usd/year???

CISSP Bootcamp | Domain 1: Security & Risk Management | + Introduction to CISSP | CISSP Training

0:00:00 - Introduction to the CISSP certification, exam information, bootcamp structure
0:31:12 - 1.1 Key Security Concepts
0:42:40 1.2 Governance
0:57:00 - 1.3 Security Program
1:21:30 - 1.4 Compliance
1:58:00 - 1.5 Ethics
2:10:00 - 1.6 Policies
2:21:00 - 1.7 Security Issues Related to Personnel Management
2:30:00 - 1.8 Risk Management
3:41:30 - 1.9 Acquisition Strategy \u0026 Practice

CISSP is the gold standard of all cyber security certifications. In this CISSP bootcamp training video, we join one of the most experienced CISSP trainers in the world, Graeme Parker.
This video covers domain 1, Security \u0026 Risk Management. There is also a 30 minutes introduction to the CISSP certification.
Y : Can you tell me which material (textbook) is used for this bootcamp?
James Simmonds : Thank you very helpful and looking forward to going through the others.

Going to watch them in the order that Graeme teaches them so, 1,2,5,4,3,6,7,8. Presume thats the best way.

Thanks again.
Tuncer Yukler : Excellent Content Where I can find ppt?
Error 6 : Trying to listen, but whoever is recording this or whatever the case maybe is making so much noise, clearing their throat and shuffling around.. it’s very distracting
Pan : Is this beneficial if you're going to be doing CISMP?
i2escape ว่างก็เที่ยว : Thank you
RedSox Fan : One note on the CPE requirements, I believe they changed this to not enforce an annual minimum and is now a suggestion with a focused requirement against a 3 year cycle.
Ammar Elhassani : Hi there , thanks for the video , can you share slides file if you have please :)
ID : Is there a way to get CE's by watching this entire series? I'm sure that's a big fat no since you cant verify we actually watched it completely right?
Jaideep Krishnan : Thank you very much for video. I had a question about the grading pattern of the exam, as it is said that subsequent questions are presented on the performance/weight of the previous questions. So would it mean -- one cannot come back to a question and modify the answer again? For example, when answering question 25, a choice was marked, but when answering 60 it felt that 25 should have been answered differently. If so, would it be possible to go back and answer 25 differently? Thank you once again.

CISSP MasterClass™ Mission 1000 CISSP's In 2020!

Get The Updated Full Course On

I hope this video helps you. it took me 7 months to make it. it's a lot of hard-work and time sacrifice from my family and personal life.

I have done my part, now it's your turn. Please share it so that someone who needs it can get the benefit.

People often ask why I am not a CISSP,
Before attempting the exam, I became a Member of EC-Council Governance Board and hence I opted for CCISO which is a higher designation than CISSP. Getting a CISSP will be a conflict of interest as both are different organizations.

Anyways, I wish you best of luck in your journey.
Here are the Time Stamps:-

IAAA 17:47
Security Government Principles 30:15
Types Of Evidence 37:55
Evidence Handling 42:12
Types Of Law 45:39
Entrapment V/s Enticement 50:30
CFAA 53:34
Fourth Amendment Of U.S Constitution 55:12
ECPA 58:55
Security Breach Notification Laws 1:02:37
Sarbanes-Oxley Act 1:04:22
GBLA 1:07:57
PATROIT Act 1:11:04
HIPAA 1:13:05
PCI DSS 1:14:27
Intellectual Property 1:16:04
Professional Ethics 1:21:13
Legal And Regulatory 1:24:51
What Is Risk 1:30:30
Risk Management Strategies 1:32:42
Risk Analysis Process 1:36:21
BCP and DRP Essentials 1:48:19
Important BCP Terms 2:00:33
Asset Evaluation 2:10:46
BIA Practical 2:13:13
Security Documents 2:20:44

Sensitive Information And Media Security 2:25:54
Data Classification 2:32:42
Data Responsibility 2:35:52
Memory 2:39:46
Data Destruction 2:46:23
Data Security Controls And Frameworks 2:51:52

Computer System Architecture 2:59:31
Security Modes Of Operation 3:06:06
Rings Of Protection 3:08:55
Open And Closed Systems 3:11:00
Operating States 3:12:43
Recovery Procedure 3:14:22
Process Isolation 3:16:10
Information Flow Model 3:17:44
State Machine Model 3:18:49
Non Interference Model 3:22:46
Bell-LuPadula Model 3:23:33
BIBA Model 3:26:28
Clark Wilson Model 3:29:13
Take Grant Protection Model 3:32:22
Brewer Nash Model 3:33:20
Graham Denning Model 3:34:45
HRU Model 3:36:41
Lattice Model 3:38:23
TCSEC 3:41:56
TNI 3:45:02
ITSEC 3:46:16
Common Criteria 3:48:24
New Technologies 3:51:56
Fault Tolerance 3:58:37
Virtualization 4:06:40
Cryptography 4:19:53
Symmetric Cryptography 4:33:16
Asymmentric Cryptography 4:53:30
Hash 5:06:27
What else to study in Cryptography 5:11:09
Fire 5:17:04
Electric Power 5:34:50
Humidity And Tempest 5:50:18

Important Lecture Networking 5:57:37
Networking 6:01:00
Network Typologies 6:05:32
Switch Vs Hub 6:14:57
Router Vs Modem 6:20:52
Firewall 6:25:57
Wireless 6:43:11
RAID 6:48:39
Backups 6:55:02
Denial Of Service 7:01:05
Attack Malware And Bad Stuff 7:15:38
OSI Model 7:20:02
TCP-IP Model 7:29:33

Security Model Access Controls 7:31:21
Security Architecture Threats 7:41:38
Categories Of Access Control 7:54:53
Access Control Threats 7:59:30
Single Sign-On 8:14:43
SSO Methods 8:17:05
Central Authentication 8:23:46
Multi-factor Authentication 8:26:50
IDS 8:28:38
Bio-metric Errors 8:34:47
Clouds Models 8:42:29
Data Life Cycle Security 8:46:46
Storage Architecture 8:49:05
Cloud Security 8:50:45
Security Audits 8:58:01
Security Logs 9:04:02
Vulnerability Assessment 9:10:56
Penetration Testing 9:18:02
Classification Of Hackers 9:21:33
Types Of Penetration Testing 9:26:29
Social Engineering Elements 9:29:13
Penetration Testing Terms 9:38:39
Penetration Testing Demo 9:43:07

Yes, Domain 7 and 8 are not covered, But they are very well covered in the full course.
Check it now at

#CISSP #ISC2 #SagarBansal
Nitin Dubey : Which one is good CISA or CISSP
Thari Achanz : Good Stuff..!
Hasan Ali : Please make a video for domain 7 and 8.
RK V : Sagar, very good video. You basically touch upon all the facets of security, legal stuff, IT Infrastructure and process. Just one comment for now. At 2:43:30, it's FIRMWARE and not FILMWARE.
Sukhdeep Singh : Hello Sagar,

What should I expect from this entire course? Is this all what is needed to crack the CISSP exam?
Bukenya Abduswabul Musa : thanks so much, may i please get the BCP and BIA samples you shown in the video at
hasib T : Nice work thanks from Pakistan
Dd Kumar : Hello I am new to CISSP . All full material like videos and pdf etc available freely on your send ?? What I supposed to do it for ??
Durgesh K : Hello Sagar, Very useful video, especially if for someone trying to refresh their knowledge. I was reading your description, you mentioned you did the CCISO and there would be a conflict with CISSP. May be I understood it wrong, may be this is for a private conversation. I am just curious and again, thank you for the detailed videos, as your simple examples and explanation of processes makes it very easy to understand. Thanks!
Crypto Nikhil : Hi Sagar brother, I'm a 14 year old and I love hacking. I'm a beginner and I've tried checking youtube and the internet on how can I start as a beginner. Could you suggest me some free courses (my parents aren't ready to pay for any paid courses : /) or how to start with cyber security? Thanks!




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